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This is a Digital Download in the form of a PDF.  You will download the file and be able to print unlimited copies (for personal use only) for your DIY Mandala Sketchbook. These pages can be hole punched and added to a 3-ringed binder / sketchbook.  This file includes 2 pages only. See photos. You can use whatever paper you like that is recommended for your printer and will hold up to acrylic paint or the medium of your choice.  I recommend card stock.  It is less expensive and holds up well to acrylic paint.  You can also get multimedia paper to fit your printer.  These pages give the artist a great advantage to planning mandalas and testing color combos!  It also makes a great reference page and color swatch page. 


This download is NOT intended to teach you Dot Art or Color Theory. This is a BLANK GRID that you fill in for the purpose of color experimentation and record. Simply pick a color you wish to place top dots on... Place a dot in each box of a column.  Then, when it's dry, experiment placing top dots of different colors on top to see what goes best. The combinations are endless.  I use this page when I get new paints. It's my way of discovering what works best with my new paint. It's also very fun and relaxing.  This page makes a great addition to the Mandala Brainstorm Series from JaDeL Rocks!  Collect all of the templates to create an amazing sketchbook for the Mandala Artist!  If you have any questions about this download please message before buying. 


Due to the fact this is a Digital Download, refunds are not available.  Please reach out if you have any problems at before purchasing. Please be sure you have the ability to use and Print PDF files before purchasing.  This Download is 2 pages.  See Pictures for more details. Only 2 pages included in the Digital Download included. All other supplies in photos are NOT included.  This Download is for personal use only.  Rock on!


Page 1 - Top Dot Madness Page (Can be printed for personal use unlimited times)
Page 2 - Personal use license and an example of page use.

Top Dot Madness - Color Exploration Template

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